The Annual General Meeting 2017 was held on 26 November 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The new council for 2017 - 2018 is formed:

Dr. Marco Ho

Vice President
Dr. Christopher Lai

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Helen Chan

Honorary Treasurer
Dr. Jane Chan

Immediate Past President
Dr. Lee Tak-hong
Council Members
Dr. Elaine Au
Dr. Alson Chan
Dr. Ho Sheng-sheng
Professor Ellis Hon
Professor Lau Chak-sing
Dr. Roland Leung
Professor Leung Ting-fan
Dr. Alfred Tam
Professor Gary Wong
Dr. Adrian Wu
Dr. Yeung Chi-keung

Dr. Fanny Ko
Professor Lau Yu-lung
Dr. Daniel Ng
Dr. Tse Tak-fu
Dr. Robert Tseng
Dr. John Woo
Dr. Donald Yu
Dr. Patrick Yuen